South Gate Design is operated by South Carolina native, Harriet Charles, who has 
adored flowers and gardens for as long as she can remember.

Harriet Charles
Her love of flowers and all things lovely comes directly from her mother.   

When the camellias, herbs, hydrangeas, roses, forsythia or anything else is in bud or bloom on the farm in Florence, SC,  Harriet's "mama" has them arranged gracefully throughout the house.  The vases are just as interesting as the flowers and run the gamut from cut glass to silver to pottery and jelly jars.

-her mother's backyard-
South Gate Design was born in 2001
out of Harriet's passion of bringing a little bit of 
God's great green creation into the home. 

After an extended hiatus, South Gate Design is back! 

Harriet is ready to help you refresh your home and gardens 
with plants, flowers, potted arrangements and 
anything else one can create or design with plant life.

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